Davide and Cecilia themselves are the first ingredients in a wonderful, traditional, yet rather unexpected recipe: Dacilia. A real bridge between the best products from Italian cuisine and the Swedish love for taste and great food.

The mission of Dacilia is to provide you with the very best Italian ingredients, selected with care and passion, and to guarantee their authenticity and fragrance thanks to excellent packaging and transport, so that every bite exceeds your highest expectations.

Davide was born in Italy, and brought up surrounded by the women from his family and their love of recipes. He’s been a foodie for a long, long time.

For him, food is not just pleasure for the palate, it brings together emotions, traditions, imagination and culture – all values ​​you share with your loved ones.

And in first place, among his loved ones is Cecilia: Swedish origins, but she’s always had strong ties to Italy, its beauty and the passion put into everything, especially in the kitchen.

Today they both live in Stockholm and have decided to bring the taste of their Italian products at your table.

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